1: In 2011, the Medal of Honor Gold Coin Five Dollars was awarded for acts of bravery.

2: This prestigious coin honors those who go above and beyond the call of duty.

3: The Medal of Honor recipients exemplify courage, sacrifice, and heroism.

4: The five-dollar coin features a design that symbolizes the bravery of our nation's heroes.

5: This limited edition coin is a tangible reminder of the valor of Medal of Honor recipients.

6: Collectors and history buffs alike treasure the Medal of Honor Gold Coin Five Dollars.

7: Each coin tells a story of selflessness and honor in service to our country.

8: Honoring the bravest of the brave, the 2011 Medal of Honor Gold Coin is a tribute to heroism.

9: Owning this coin is a way to pay tribute to those who have distinguished themselves through acts of valor.