1: Dive into the flavors of the Mediterranean with these 5 fun and delicious dishes for kids.

2: Create a colorful Greek salad with fresh veggies and feta cheese for a refreshing meal.

3: Make savory stuffed grape leaves with rice, herbs, and lemon juice for a tasty treat.

4: Enjoy creamy hummus with pita bread or veggies for a healthy and satisfying snack.

5: Indulge in sweet and sticky baklava, made with layers of flaky phyllo pastry and honey.

6: Try your hand at making homemade falafel with chickpeas, herbs, and spices for a crispy and flavorful dish.

7: Whip up a batch of tzatziki sauce with yogurt, cucumber, and garlic for a creamy and tangy dip.

8: Get creative with Mediterranean food crafts like fruit kabobs, pita pizzas, and Greek yogurt parfaits.

9: Encourage your little chefs to explore new flavors and textures with these 5 essential Mediterranean dishes.