1: "Pilot Madison Marsh makes history as the first active-duty Air Force officer to win Miss America."

2: "From serving her country to representing it on the Miss America stage, Madison Marsh inspires us all."

3: "Madison Marsh's journey proves that you can be both a warrior and a queen."

4: "Breaking barriers and defying stereotypes, Madison Marsh shines in both her military uniform and evening gown."

5: "As a pilot and Miss America, Madison Marsh embodies strength, grace, and patriotism."

6: "Her story is a testament to the limitless possibilities when you dare to dream big."

7: "Madison Marsh's victory is a reminder that courage and beauty come in many forms."

8: "Join us in celebrating Pilot Madison Marsh, a true trailblazer and the new face of Miss America."

9: "From the runway to the runway, Madison Marsh continues to soar to new heights in both her military and pageant careers."